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  • Tenor with carved Fishhooks and Turtle

    Made out of Koa with carved double fishhooks and a Honu (turtle) this uke represents the connection between the Hawaiian People and the Ocean.

  • Head and neck of the Reef 2011 Trophy Ukulele

    10 piece T-band neck out of Koa, Opuma and Ipe. Grover tuners.

  • Sound hole detail on Reef 2011 Trophy Ukulele

    Sound hole with wave carvings and Joe's logo inside the body. 6 String Koa Tenor. (#40)

  • Back detail on the Reef 2011 Trophy Ukulele

    Detailed carvings on the back show a palm, the Haleiwa bridge and breaking waves at Ali'i Beach Park.

  • Joe in the middle of Reef 2011 and other Ukuleles

    The harvest of the 2011 building season for Reef Trophy Ukuleles and a selection of other ukes.

  • Mango wood ukelele

    Concert sized body with tenor size neck. Mango with Ipe fretboard.

  • Carved Honu and Makau

    The turtle and two fish hooks are carved out of Ipe. The bridge is a Sunrise Shell.

  • Carved Bridge

    This ukelele has 3 sound holes and an extended fretboard (Ipe) with an additional hole.The bridge is carved with a sun pattern.

  • Spalted Mango

    Mango top Tenor with carved bridge out of Lacewood.

  • Bridge carved as iwa.

    Iwa (fregat bird) carved in the bridge; note the tail carved sound hole in the spruce top.

  • Carved top and bridge of Reef 2012 Trophy

    Fine craftsmanship in the carving.

  • Carved back of Reef 2012 Trophy

    The Haleiwa bridge and the islands of Hawaii are carved in the koa back.

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Joe Green

Haleiwa Ukulele’s was established in 2010 by Master Craftsman Joe Green. Joe has been an avid surfer & musician for more then 40 year’s, fine tuning his singing skills, playing gigs where ever people will listen and loving every minute of it. Born and raised in Florida, Joe moved to the North Shore in 1977 to surf and live the dream. While living the North Shore life, luck blessed him with his beautiful wife Naoko, together they decided to plant roots in Haleiwa Hawaii.


After years of owning and operating a very successful surf shop, known round the world as Surf n Sea, Joe finally got time to pursue his passion for music. After hearing Bruddah Iz’s “Over the Rainbow”, Joe decided it was time to get back to his first love of playing music and focused on the Hawaiian Ukulele. The desire to compose on the ukulele was overwhelming for Joe. So he began compose music, and when he did the melodies began to pour out of him. Joe has found, like many others that the ukulele is the easiest instrument to compose on, which has helped his initial creative process.


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 He stayed true to the roots and traditions of typical ukulele and Hawaiian song composition, while mixing in some Southern flavor of his own. The end result is what you see and hear with “The music in me” A collection of beautiful songs and rhythmic melodies that are easy on the ears and rejuvenating for the soul. Recorded old school on 16 track tape in Joes home studio dubbed “The Green Room”.The creation of this full length studio album, has led Joe to new pursuits. Joe has always loved to play the ukulele, and gets much pleasure out of playing in public. He loves to see how people respond to such a beautiful and iconic sound. The way it can transport people to a mystical time of Hawaiian history that few lived, but millions fantasize about.


Continuing on his path of musical discovery, led Joe to his latest goal, which was to learn to make these beautiful instruments. Like any surfer or musician can tell you, it just feels better when it’s your creation.  The surfboard you shape for yourself, just always seems to surf better than the one you bought in a store. And the ukulele you shape for yourself, always fits perfectly in your hands and just sounds better. Joe Green has taken that philosophy and used that to really put his heart and soul into each one of the ukulele’s that he creates. 


Joe has spent years learning from many master craftsman, including the well known and respected ukulele maker, Leif Anderson. Leif comes from a long line of ukulele Luthier’s and is a 3rd generation ukulele maker. Making Joe one of his apprentices, the two spent countless hours together prepping exotic Hawaiian woods like koa, mango, and opuma, bending sides, shaping fret boards. Honing their skills with each and every ukulele they’ve made. And the results speak for themselves.


Photos on this website are by Cody Rose, Joe Green and Peter Gommers.

3D objects by Peter Gommers

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